Sunday, August 12, 2012

Jackson-Officially Our First Teenager

Oh boy, here we go!  Jackson turns 13!  He got a new laptop for his birthday, plus his favorite basketball player's jersey...Kevin Durrant of OKC.  So, he just had a small party with his siblings and cousin Griffin at Boondocks, topped off with dinner with the family at TGIF's.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Travis Hansen Basketball Camp 2011

The boys went to a week long babsketball camp at xsi Factory with BYU players as the coaches...Fun!

Collin and Tanner at the very end of camp
at the awards ceremony

Jackson was there too, over by the "bigger" kids
Collin won a basketball for the "Most Hardworking!"

Collin got pictures with the BYU players that helped run the camp...
Lamont, Charles Abouo, and Brandon Davies

Summer's Baptism

Such a special day...August 6, 2011

Summer and Steve in front of the baptismal font

Summer and me after the baptism and right before the confirmation

Beautiful Summer on her special day

Look how many people were there to support her!
It was extra special to have 3 of her friends there:
Jake and Ava Smith (mom Diana too) and Erin Fuller
So pretty, this was the next day right before church 

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Fourth of July 2011 & Stadium of Fire

The kids right before we headed down to Provo for the Stadium of Fire.
They wouldn't smile so I cracked a joke and it worked!

Steve took this great picture of us in front of Brad Paisley's tour bus

Collin, Summer, cousin Hailey, and Jackson at the Stadium of Fire

They put on quite a show, this year the performers were David Archuleta
and Brad Paisley...great show!

Summer at the annual morning of the 4th of July breakfast
with the Halls at Rock Canyon Park.  Ice blocking-fun!

Sandy City Parade, it's in the evening which is nice.  Could only convince
Summer and Collin to go with me.  I love a parade!

This year's lighting of the fire crackers in the neighborhood
was a quick affair, we had to do it between the on-and-off rain showers.

Collin and Summer at dusk at the Stadium of Fire

Summer Turns 8!

Cute Summer waiting at Airborne for her friends to show up for the party

Summer LOVES the cakes at Everything Bundt Cakes, so I splurged and paid $35 for this thing!  Of course, it didn't feed everyone so I had to bring 2 dozen cupcakes as well.

The loot

Maren, Summer, Saige, Halle and Ava
(The Sandy group of friends)

Collin, neighbor Jake, and Jackson playing dodgeball
Erin, Avery, and Callie
(more friends from Sandy)

The whole clan!

Family party cake, so cute!

Summer got new bedding for her birthday

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Collin's 3 on 3 Team Basketball 2011

Steve coached Collin and some friends in a 3-on-3 basketball league during the summer of 2011.
The boys had a blast, and played really well, they only lost 1 game. 
Tanner Farnsworth, Collin, Matthew Stone and Parker.

Collin playing defense against a "big guy."
Collin taking a jump shot, good form!

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Spring Break 2011 at Tahiti Village

We've made it a tradition to go to a resort called Tahiti Village in Las Vegas for Spring Break with 2 other families, the Greens and the Russells.  This particular year the Weenigs and the Solumns joined us.
We love it here! 

Summer and Ava Russell

Burying Jackson alive!

Summer and Maddie Weenig

Ava and Summer on the lazy river

The girls hanging out in the playroom of the resort:  Summer, Ava, Maddie, and Hayley Green.

Jackson and Collin crusing the lazy river

Steve and Bryan Green took the kids on an adventure to see Hoover Dam